Emergency Heating System Service

Whether your heating system is on the verge of a breakdown or has already stopped working completely, you need a reliable HVAC contractor on the scene as soon as possible. Being without heat means more than just suffering in the cold. In many cases, a lack of heat can cause your property's pipes to freeze and result in all sorts of damage.

When you need emergency heating system service, the team to trust is Thorn Heating And Cooling. Our experienced HVAC technicians have the tools and skills to service your heating system and get it back into proper working order. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and we don't believe in overcharging our clients when emergencies happen to strike. That means when you work with us, you'll get fast, effective service at a reasonable price.

Don't delay when your heating system starts to go. Call Thorn Heating And Cooling today and let us help you stay warm.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

In the summer, an air conditioning system failure can quickly become a real emergency. But when you call Thorn Heating & Cooling for emergency service, your home is cool and comfortable again in no time, and you enjoy friendly, professional service from a technician you can trust to do the job right. 

Solving an AC problem takes skill and experience. At Thorn Heating & Cooling, our well-qualified team of handpicked professionals efficiently and accurately diagnoses the problem, determines the right solution and delivers the expert repair service your system needs to get up and running again.

Helpful Maintenance Tips

* Change your filters monthly, even thru the summer months. A clean filter insures proper airflow and keeps your air conditioner from freezing up.

* Keep the outside condensing unit clean of debris. Turn off you unit and spray it with a garden hose straight down and brush cottonwood and leaves from the vents.

* Have your air conditioner condenser cleaned yearly. It is possible to lose up to 1 SEER rating each year the unit is not cleaned.

* Have your furnace inspected yearly. Yearly cleanings help keep the efficiency rating at which your furnace is suppose to run. It will help keep your utility bills down. Also the heat exchanger will be inspected for any carbon monoxide leaks.

* Your furnace & air conditioner is probably one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. Having regular tune-ups help prevent breakdowns, improves comfort and helps your equipment last longer, also when the equipment is tuned up it performs closer to specifications and does not use an excessive amount of energy

Before you call for service:

* Check your breakers, inside and outside. Storms sometimes will trip them.

* Check the switch on the furnace. It could have been accidentally turned off.

* Check the disconnect on the air conditioner unit. This is the box on the outside of the house by the unit.

* Check your filter. Make sure it is clean. A dirty filter can block airflow and freeze up the unit; it cannot be serviced until it is thawed

* If you have ice build up on the black line running from the air conditioner into the house, it is frozen up. Shut the unit off, check your filter and change it if needed, let it thaw and see if it starts cooling properly. If not, you possibly have a Freon leak and the unit will have to be serviced.

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