Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Thorn Heating & Cooling is committed to learning more about the new technologies to bring more efficient and less costly energy bills to our customers.  Our company now installs geothermal heating and cooling! 

What is geothermal heating and cooling?

  • Geothermal uses the earth’s stable temperature to heat and cool your home.
  • The ability to heat homes through the warmth stored in the ground is an ancient technology that has recently become available.
    The system uses a compressor and an indoor heat exchanger with a fan that is connected to a duct system in your home.
  • Half the energy from the sun that hits the earth is absorbed and stored.
    The result is the ground remains at a constant temperature of 40 to 60 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Most conventional heating and cooling systems use fuel to generate heat.
    Geothermal transfers heat from the earth. Geothermal is three times more efficient than a conventional system, reducing monthly utility bills.

There are two types of systems that can be used:

A closed-loop system- utilizes a loop that is below ground either vertically or horizontally to heat your home. A solution of water and nontoxic anti-freeze (ethanol), loop that is buried in the earth,  and is continuously circulated by a very low wattage pump.

An open-looped system uses ground water to heat & cool your home and the excess is drained to a natural pond or stream.

Geothermal not only heats the home but also in the summer the unit converts to turning the warm air into cold and doubles as an air conditioner.

The role of the well water is merely to create a mild beginning temperature for the heat pump, so it can operate efficiently.